Excel 2016 - Part 1

Are you looking to become a proficient Excel user? Professional Excel training from New Horizons can get you on the path to mastering this popular data spreadsheet software.

Through completing the introductory Excel 2016 training course, you’ll develop foundational data manipulation knowledge and skills that you can build upon through additional training and use. With the Excel 2016 - Part 1 course under your belt, you’ll feel confident using one of the world’s most powerful applications.

This course may earn a Credly Badge.

Excel 2016 - Part 1

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Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to create and develop Excel worksheets and workbooks so you can begin to analyze critical business data.
This course empowers you to:

  • Write a range of fundamental Excel commands
  • Perform worksheet calculations
  • Build custom formulas
  • Amend elements in a worksheet
  • Apply formatting changes to cells
  • Manage workbook properties


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1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Learn Your Way Around the Excel Menu
  • Understand and Apply Excel Formulas
  • Create and Save a Basic Workbook
  • Enter Data Into Cells
  • Access Excel Help
  • 2 - Performing Calculations
  • Build Custom Worksheet Formulas
  • Insert Built-In Functions to Your Data
  • Save and Reuse Formulas
  • 3 - Modifying a Worksheet
  • Insert, Delete and Resize Cells, Columns and Rows
  • Search for and Replace Data
  • Use Proofing and Research Tools
  • 4 - Formatting a Worksheet
  • Format Text and Numbers
  • Align Cell Data
  • Apply Styles, Themes and Basic and Conditional Formatting
  • Create and Select Worksheet Templates
  • 5 - Printing Workbooks
  • Preview and Print a Workbook
  • Set Up the Page Layout
  • Configure Headers and Footers
  • 6 - Managing Workbooks
  • Manage Worksheets and Workbook Properties
  • Create, Apply or Delete Workbook and Worksheet Views
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    If you’re interested in learning how to use Excel or responsible for creating spreadsheets or performing basic data manipulation, this course is perfect for you.

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    Your success in this course is our No. 1 concern. To get the most out of your Excel 2016 training, you should be comfortable using a personal computer, including a keyboard and mouse.

    Experience in a Windows 10 environment will also set you up for success in this course. Ideally, you should know how to open and close applications, navigate basic file structures and manage files and folders.

    Excel 2016 - Part 1

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