Published on 16. mai 2022

Could You Be the Next Famous White Hat Hacker?

White-hat hackers use their powers for good.

White-hat hackers use their powers for good. They are trained to help organizations proactively identify a security breach before a black hat hacker does. Investopedia has identified seven white hat hackers who use their love of programming for good. Find them here.


For you, the news only gets better. The job growth rate for white hat hackers, or ethical cybersecurity experts, is projected to grow 33 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Cybersecurity Workforce found that the IT industry needs more than three million qualified cybersecurity workers to meet the growing cybersecurity threat that puts our economy at risk.


Get Training to Meet the Demand for White Hat Hacking

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to become an ethical hacker or an established IT professional, New Horizons’ cybersecurity training can help you jump into the world of ethical cybersecurity.  A white-hat hacker uses penetration testing techniques and other tools to test an organization’s digital system to identify vulnerabilities. New Horizons training can help you enter the world of cybersecurity and stop ransomware attacks with training that includes penetration testing, big-bounty hunting, and ethical hacking while also opening new career opportunities in offensive security.


Proactive Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is often a reactive process, responding after an attack rather than a proactive approach. Ethical hacking helps organizations identify gaps to build more cyber-resilient systems to prevent a black-hat attack. In addition to learning how to scan, test, hack and secure IT systems using real-world hacking techniques, you’ll learn how to think like a black hat hacker.


New Horizons cybersecurity training does more than show you where potential security gaps are; white hat training can help you develop a black-hat mindset to identify potential gaps and see where an attacker might be able to gain access to the network.

Certified Cybersecurity Training with Leading Partners

New Horizons’ training partners include CertNexus, CompTIA, EC-Council, and Microsoft. New Horizons is working toward filling the global skills gap with cybersecurity certifications and has built a Cybersecurity Training Roadmap to help guide students to the right cybersecurity career. In addition to our student training, New Horizons provides businesses with employee training programs to empower their workforce to make their organizations more cyber-resilient and secure.

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Author: Tarmo Mumm

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